Life in Brisbane

The best city in Australia



Tuition fees provide students with value for money and cost of living expenses are more affordable compared to other cities.


Brisbane has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city. With warm summers and mild winters, you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle always, including adventure sports, large parks and an inner-city beach.


Brisbane is Australia’s most inclusive study and has a large number of events and programs to help make international students feel like they are home away from home.


Some of Australia’s most famous tourist destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Gold Coast, the Whitsundays and Sunshine Coast are easily accessible from Brisbane. There are also airport connections to most major cities worldwide.

Why choose Viva college??

Balanced Nationality Mix

At Viva we believe that a balanced mix of different nationalities adds a lot of value to your learning experience. That’s why we make sure students from all over the world study at Viva and learn from each other without any nationality dominating on campus.

Flexible Study Options

We provide extensive online resources for students to enhance your leaning experience and complement subjects taught in class. Students have an individual login to access material, track progress and receive feedback on their performance online.

Central Location

Viva is located in the heart of Brisbane on Queen Street Mall. Bus, train and ferry terminals are all in walking distance. Our convenient location and excellent facilities make us the perfect choice for the discerning students.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Viva employs engaging teachers and trainers with specialist qualifications and a combined teaching experience of over 350 years. Most of our ELICOS and Teacher Training staff are CELTA or DELTA qualified, with University degrees, and all our Vocational trainers are nationally certified with many years of industry experience.

Support Services

Our support services cover your welfare, academic, financial and accommodation needs. And our student card helps you get cheaper prices at selected shops, cinemas and on public transport (selected courses only).

Day & Night Class

We offer numerous English and Vocational courses with a flexible timetable. You can study at different times with our earliest courses starting at 8.15am and our latest ending at 9.00pm.

Study Pathways

Viva College has partnered with a variety of educational providers and universities to create easy pathways between your course at Viva and further study. Our pathway partners recognise the quality of Viva’s programs and offer you an easy and quick transition to their own.

Job Club and Internships

At Viva we are committed to helping you find employment while studying with us. Viva’s Professional Internships offers students an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities.

English Only Policy

Our English-Only Policy is to help you maximise your English language speaking and listening practice during your studies at Viva. To help you really improve your English proficiency level, you will be expected to speak in English while at Viva College.

What's on VIVA

Dec 15 @ 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
2:30 pm
Are you ready to play Ping Pong? A friendly ping pong competition from 2:30pm in Viva College. Snacks provided for players and spectators so come along and play ping pong. The big Winner will get  Continue Reading »
Viva College
Dec 16 @ 6:19 am – 7:19 am
6:19 am
WORKSHOP What is Kizomba? Kizomba is a genre of dance influenced by many other styles. Come along to the workshop on at 6:30PM o’clock at The Brat Cave- 47 Balaclava Street to have a great  Continue Reading »
The Brat Cave
Dec 17 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
6:00 pm
South Bank beach will be transformed into a Cinema showing Christmas themed movies. Fancy relaxing in the pool whilst watching a movie at night? Two movies will be showing each night and the best part?  Continue Reading »
Dec 18 @ 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
2:30 pm
Come and join a fun Salsa Class for all levels of Dance, you are sure to have a great time and learn some new moves. If you are keen to learn Latin dance you will  Continue Reading »
Viva College
Dec 19 @ 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm
2:15 pm
Keep your eyes open in Reception for this very special Viva Surprise – Christmas Edition ! You have to go at reception! Starting at 2:20PM
Viva College